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Ze-Steel Galvano offers galvanizing services according to ISO 2081 I DIN 50961 standards.

On two completely automatic lines, we use low-acid zinc chloride and cyanide-free alkaline zinc technologies.

The zinc coatings applied by these two galvanizing processes are characterized by high gloss and good corrosion resistance. It is possible to galvanize objects made of alloy steels (low and high alloy), gray cast iron, brass, copper and copper alloys.

Depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the product, galvanizing is performed on one of our two lines:

Galvanizing in drums
Method Acid galvanizing / Cinc-Nickel
Objects Small items: screws, nuts...
Capacity t/month
Coating thickness μm '5-15
Galvanizing on hangers
Method Alkalini cink
Objects Larger objects
Capacity t/month 300t
Max item dimensions mm 2800 x 1800 x 600
Max item dimensions are restricted by the siye of the bathtubs in the lines
Coating thickness μm '5-25

In order to improve the coating surface and the corrosion resistance,
we subsequently passivate/chromate them.

We offer the following methods of passivation:

  • Blue trivalent (Cr III) passivation
  • Black passivation
  • Thick-film passivation

Passivation with Cr (III) satisfies EU directives: ELV I EoHS.

The increased corrosion resistance post-passivation allows us to offer siler and top coat as well.

  • Combining state-of-the-art technological processes, we produce high quality demineralized water that is used for demanding technical and technological needs.
  • The water produced by our process is characterized by excellent chemical and biological purity, free of dissolved minerals, heavy metals, organic chemicals and
  • The starting material for the production of our Demi water is natural, potable groundwater, not a by-product of various chemical processes or cooling devices.

DEMI Water quality:

  • Water hardness (0⁰nj.)
  • Specific conductivity <5µS / cm
  • Purity level: 3, in line with HRN EN ISO 3696

Beginning of 2020 we became exclusive distributors for two italian brends: Glomax Srl and Condoroil Chemical srl.

We offer products such as galvanic additives, degreaser, additives for industrial paints of all kinds of metal, lubricants and powders for hot rolling and cold wire drawing, additives for industrial water treatments.

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Ze-Steel was founded in 2008 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through continuous improvement and innovation, our company became recognized internationally as a reliable partner, exporting more than 80% of our yearly production into the EU countries. Our core markets are currently Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and regional countries. Our long-term goal is to increase our footprint in other EU countries as well.